Author’s Note

Welcome to my web page!

Readers are so important to any writer or artist, and I appreciate you visiting my page! Here, you can find all of my books currently on-sale, including audiobooks, ebooks and paperbacks. Thank you! -MS

By Michael Sandels

Michael Sandels is the writer of many novels, plays, screenplays, short stories, and his own stand-up comedy. He received a BA in English from Carleton College in 1986 and an MFA from Temple University in 1989.

Hailing from Chicago and LA, Mike now lives in Northern New Jersey with his family of six.

His novels,

2036: The Year Trump Stepped Down! A Horrifying, Factual Account Sent Back in Time to Some Random, Hack Writer

artism; A Modern Tragimystery


The End of the Word As We Know It; A Surreal, Comic Explanation For Today’s World

...are available, now on Amazon, Kindle, Audible and other stores.

His upcoming books:

Extra Special Sauce,

The Water Salesman,

Two Thumbs Sticking Up!,

and his children’s book The Magical, ABC Phone Book

...will all be available in 2020!

Thanks for reading! Much more to come!

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